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✪ F.A.Q. ✪

Will the voice tags be removed from the beats after I purchase??

Yes, all audio marks will be removed from the instrumental with the purchase of any license.

How do I give proper credit??

Credit must always be given to ‘InsaneBeatz’ in written form, for example ‘Prod.InsaneBeatz (’ or ‘Prod.InsaneBeatz’.

What is the Difference between a Standard-Lease, Premium-Lease, Unlimited-Lease and Exclusive rights??

A Standard-Lease grants you LIMITED user-rights to a beat and allows you to use it on up to 2500 copies, Premium-Lease: 5000 copies. The purchase of Exclusive rights or Unlimited-Lease grants you UNLIMITED use on any medium! The most important point is that you only gain sole membership by purchasing Exclusive rights. You will have the rights to get radio- and tv-airplay with a Unlimited-Lease or Exclusive rights! The Standard-Leases and Premium-Leases are valid for 1 year. With one year from date leased beat was purchased to distribute until having to renew lease agreement. Unlimited-Leases and Exclusive rights are perpetual licenses. A perpetual license will allow the customer to use the licensed beat/s indefinitely. A non-Exclusive can be sold to more than one person at the same time until Exclusive rights have been sold to the beat. A sold exclusive beat will be removed from the beat store.

I wanna buy beats! Do I have to sign up before??

No! There is no need to sign up before you can buy beats.

Do you offer custom made beats??

No, currently I do not offer a custom made beat service.

What does a purchase include??

Each purchase includes a contract/invoice-receipt stating your rights of ownership, etc. and the files. You will receive these files as electronic download-links, sent to your email-address (provided by paypal). I do not send any parcels or physical-data-discs. With a “Standard-Lease” you will get a high quality 24 bit Wav-version + high quality Mp3-version of the beat/s. With an “Premium-Lease” you will get the Mp3+Wav-Version and the seperate multitracks of the beat(s). With a “Unlimited-Lease” you will get the Mp3+Wav-Version and the seperate multitracks of the beat(s). With “Exclusive Rights” you will get Mp3+Wav-Version and the seperate multitracks of the beat(s). The most Exclusive beats include seperate trackouts, but feel free to ask me before you purchase an Exclusive license.

What are Trackouts??

These are the individual instrument layers, otherwise known as “Stems,” which comprise of the entire beat. Most of our multi-tracks are broken in to approximately 20-50 layers (e.g. kick drum, snare drum, piano, guitar, sound fx, synth, etc.) giving you or your recording engineer full flexibility in your mix. It is also useful for adding drum drops or additional effects to the instrumental.

I have purchased a beat. Can I alter it, cut it etc.??

Yes, you are allowed to do changes to the beat-length, mixing, sounds, etc. as long as you have purchased a license such as Standard-Lease, Premium-lease, Unlimited-lease or Exclusive Rights.

I have lost my purchased beat files. Can I get them again??

Please contact me at I will do my best to send your files again. But there is no guarantee that i will archive your purchased files “forever”.

I've purchased some Beats and didn't got them after I made my payment, when I will receive them??

Usually you get all files instantly to your paypal email adress after your payment is done. Sometimes it just take some minutes until you get your beats. Wait a few moments and check your inbox again (also your spam folder).

What methods of Payment do you accept??

I accept Paypal, major credit cards and bank-transfers. If you have a credit/debit-card or funds on your paypal-account, you can purchase beats through the paypal-shopping-cart on my sites.

If I purchased a Lease and would like to upgrade to a higher license, how much will it cost??

The cost to upgrade is the difference from your initial purchase. Contact me by clicking here.

Can I still use beats I have leased after Exclusive rights have been sold??

YES! As long as you stay within the leasing terms, you are allowed to use it. Selling Exclusive rights does not affect previous leases.

I´ve bought Exclusive rights. May the beat be leased again or has it been leased before??

Once a beat is sold “Exclusive”, the beat may no longer be sold/leased. On the other hand it may be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it has been sold “Exclusive”. You can contact me anytime before you buy Exclusive beats.

Can I re-sell the beat/s after purchasing a license??

NO! You are not allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

Do you use samples in your beats??

I use samples in some of my beats. The most of them are royalty free samples. This means that you don’t have to clear them before you use them on your album/mixtape. If you would like to know if a beat conatins samples you can contact me anytime at before you buy it.

You offer a special discount like lease 2 get 2 beats free, how do I get my additional free Beats??

Just select the full amount of beats BEFORE CHECKOUT and the discount will apply automatically. The free leases come with the same license as purchased.

You offer a special discount like lease 2 get 2 beats free, what kind of usage do I receive for the 2 "free" beats/leases??

You will receive the same rights for the free beats/leases like for the paid beats. This means if you would pay $60 for 2 standard-leases, you could pick 2 more beats for free and receive also the standard-leasing rights for them.

I leased beats some days ago and now you're running an non-Exclusive discount like lease 2 get 2 beats free, can I get this discount afterwards??

Yes, you can get an discount up to 7 days after you leased beats! Just contact me at

What am I allowed to do with free-beats/free-downloads from your free beats section??

All beats that are up on the page as free or downloads are ONLY free for non-commercial / non-profitable use on demo-tracks. No TV- or radio-airplay! Its not allowed to cut the beat and/or remove voice tags. The purpose is to offer people a pre-listening to decide if the song over my beat(s) is worth to invest in a license! You may upload your songs on youtube, soundcloud, etc. by mentioning InsaneBeatz as the producer. Written credit must be given to “InsaneBeatz” (e.g. ‘Beat by’) in any case. You can read full terms of use for my “Free Beats” here: Free Beats

Can I read full terms of use before I buy a license??

You can read full terms of use here: Terms & Conditions

I have some songs I made on your beats. How can I send them to you??

We welcome the sending of songs recorded to instrumentals produced by InsaneBeatz. E-mail them to

Can we collab on a beat??

Since I’m involved in a lot of projects already, I usually don’t really have the time, to do collabos in general.

I still have questions.?

If you need further information, just contact: