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    ✪ F.A.Q. ✪

    Will the voice tags be removed from the beats after I purchase??

    Yes, all audio marks will be removed from the instru­men­tal with the pur­chase of any license.

    How do I give proper credit??

    Cred­it must always be giv­en to ‘InsaneBeatz’ in writ­ten form, for exam­ple ‘Prod.InsaneBeatz (’ or ‘Prod.InsaneBeatz’.

    I wanna buy beats! Do I have to sign up before??

    No! There is no need to sign up before you can buy beats.

    Do you offer custom made beats??

    No, cur­rent­ly I do not offer a cus­tom made beat ser­vice.

    What does a purchase include??

    Each pur­chase includes a licens­ing agree­ment stat­ing your rights of own­er­ship, etc. and the beat files. You will receive these files as elec­tron­ic down­load-links, sent to your email-address (instant deliv­ery). With a “Basic Lease” you will get a high qual­i­ty Mp3-Ver­sion of the beat/s. With an “Pre­mi­um Lease” you will receive the Mp3 & Wav-Ver­sion and the sep­a­rate mul­ti­tracks of the beat/s (track­outs). With a “Unlim­it­ed Lease” you will receive the Mp3 & Wav-Ver­sion and the sep­a­rate mul­ti­tracks (track­outs) of the beat/s. With the pur­chase of “Exclu­sive Rights” you will receive the Mp3 & Wav-Ver­sion and the sep­a­rate mul­ti­tracks (track­outs) of the beat/s.

    What are Trackouts??

    These are the indi­vid­ual instru­ment lay­ers, oth­er­wise known as “Stems,” which com­prise of the entire beat. Most of our mul­ti-tracks are bro­ken in to approx­i­mate­ly 20–50 lay­ers (e.g. kick drum, snare drum, piano, gui­tar, sound fx, synth, etc.) giv­ing you or your record­ing engi­neer full flex­i­bil­i­ty in your mix. It is also use­ful for adding drum drops or addi­tion­al effects to the instrumental.

    I have purchased a beat. Can I alter it, cut it etc.??

    Yes, you are allowed to do changes to the beat-length, mix­ing, sounds, etc. as long as you have pur­chased a license such as Basic Lease, Pre­mi­um Lease, Unlim­it­ed Lease or Exclu­sive Rights.

    I have lost my purchased beat files. Can I get them again??

    Please con­tact me at I will do my best to send your files again. But there is no guar­an­tee that I will archive your pur­chased files “for­ev­er”.

    What methods of Payment do you accept??

    You can pay via Pay­Pal or cred­it card. 

    If I purchased a Lease and would like to upgrade to a higher license, how much will it cost??

    The cost to upgrade is the dif­fer­ence from your ini­tial pur­chase. Con­tact me at

    Can I still use beats I have leased after Exclusive rights have been sold??

    YES! As long as you stay with­in the leas­ing terms, you are allowed to use it. Sell­ing Exclu­sive rights does not affect pre­vi­ous leases.

    I´ve bought Exclusive rights. May the beat be leased again or has it been leased before??

    Once a beat is sold “Exclu­sive”, the beat may no longer be sold/leased. On the oth­er hand it may be pos­si­ble that a beat has been leased to sev­er­al per­sons before it has been sold “Exclu­sive”. You can con­tact me any­time before you buy Exclu­sive beats.

    Can I re-sell the beat/s after purchasing a license??

    NO! You are not allowed to resell the beat(s) or trans­fer your rights of own­er­ship to a third person.

    Do you use samples in your beats??

    I use sam­ples in some of my beats. The most of them are roy­al­ty free sam­ples. This means that you don’t have to clear them before you use them on your album/mixtape. If you would like to know if a beat conatins sam­ples you can con­tact me any­time at before you buy it.

    What am I allowed to do with free-beats/free-downloads from your free beats section??

    All free down­loads are ONLY free for non-com­mer­cial / non-prof­itable use on demo-tracks. No TV- or radio-air­play! It’s not allowed to cut the beat and / or remove voice tags. The pur­pose is to offer peo­ple a pre-lis­ten­ing to decide if the song over the beat(s) is worth to invest in a license! You may upload your songs on youtube, sound­cloud, etc. by men­tion­ing InsaneBeatz as the pro­duc­er. Writ­ten cred­it must be giv­en to “InsaneBeatz” (e.g. ‘Beat by’) in any case.

    Can we collab on a beat??

    Since I’m involved in a lot of projects already, I usu­al­ly don’t real­ly have the time, to do col­la­bos in general.

    I still have questions.?

    If you need fur­ther infor­ma­tion, send an email to