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Beat Licensing Info InsaneBeatz
BASIC LEASE: $20 (Per­fect for indie artists work­ing on small projects) This License Includes — Untagged Mp3 — Instant Down­load — Sell up to 2,500 Copies of Your Song (Online & Offline) — Streams up to 20K (Spo­ti­fy, Apple Music, Deez­er etc.) — Mon­e­tized Videos up to 20K (YouTube etc.) — Paid Per­for­mances 100 — Syn­chro­niza­tion Rights 1 Project — Broad­cast­ing rights lim­it­ed to 2 radio sta­tion total — 100% Roy­al­ty Free — PDF Con­tract — Beat can still be sold — Non-Exclu­sive Rights PREMIUM LEASE: $40 (Per­fect for indie Artists who need the WAV file and a high­er dis­tri­b­u­tion lim­it) This License Includes — Untagged MP3 / WAV — Instant Down­load — Sell up to 5000 Copies of Your Song (Online & Offline) -…

Why Do Rappers And Singers Choose To Buy Rap Beats Online?

Buy rap beats online
Why Do Rap­pers And Singers Choose To Buy Rap Beats Online? Are you a rap­per or an aspir­ing singer curi­ous about where to source for beats? Are you a music pro­duc­er or an enthu­si­ast curi­ous about the rea­sons why many artists are choos­ing to buy rap beats online? For any of the above rea­sons or oth­ers, one of the unde­ni­able trends in the music indus­try is that many musi­cians are now opt­ing to buy rap beats online. In fact, a great num­ber of inde­pen­dent rap artists and future rap artists are choos­ing to embrace tech­nol­o­gy when sourc­ing for hip hop beats or instru­men­tals online, for a num­ber of rea­sons. Here are some of the key rea­sons below. #1: Access and Effi­cien­cy: The online space has…

Package Prices — How To Activate Discounts For Leasing Licenses

How to activate discounts
LEASE BEATS ONLINE I get a lot of emails with the ques­tion how the beat dis­counts are work­ing on my web­site. Some users are in the dark about how to acti­vate bulk prices in my beat store and miss­ing some great dis­counts. So I’ve decid­ed to write this arti­cle to help clear up any con­fu­sion about my beat store and how to use it: HOW TO ACTIVATE BEAT DISCOUNTS If you want to acti­vate the leas­ing rights pack­age prices you just need to add 3, 5, 10 or 22 beats with the same license in the cart of my beat store. It is impor­tant that all select­ed beats have the same license. As soon as the required amount of beats has been added to the…

MyflashStore Has Officially Evolved To! — Tons Of New Features To Sell More Beats

MYFLASHSTORE HAS OFFICIALLY EVOLVED TO AIRBIT!   Air­bit is free to sign up and twen­ty dol­lars per month ($19.99 to be exact) to upload an unlim­it­ed num­ber of beats to their servers. Some of the fea­tures of Air­bit are as fol­lows: You can post the play­er on an unlim­it­ed num­ber of web­sites Instant down­load deliv­ery to cus­tomers 0% com­mis­sions tak­en on exter­nal sold beats. You can upload a per­son­al­ized voice tag or sound mark to pro­tect your instru­men­tals Wav files and Track outs of the beat ses­sions are sup­port­ed You can cre­ate cus­tomized beat dis­counts You have mul­ti­ple play­er design offers to choose from (HTML5 and Flash) Here are some of the new Air­bit fea­tures: BRAND NEW MARKETPLACE The biggest change that they have made…

How To Download Free Rap Beats / Instrumentals?

Download Free Beats
How To Down­load Free Rap & Hip Hop Beats I offer hun­dreds of rap beats for free down­load. You may use this instru­men­tals to write lyrics, test record­ings or final songs for non-prof­itable/non-com­mer­cial use. Free beat down­loads are only for non-prof­it use. You can use them for non-prof­it projects, videos, to write lyrics, or for test record­ings. You can down­load the free demo ver­sions (with voice tag)  HERE. You can also down­load free demo ver­sions of my beats. This ver­sions comes with voice tag. Free demo down­loads are avail­able in my instant beat store at Just click the green but­ton next to the beat name and enter your name & e‑mail. You will receive the down­load-link instant­ly to your e‑mail. Please make sure to…
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