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MyflashStore Has Officially Evolved To! – Tons Of New Features To Sell More Beats


Sell Beats

Airbit is free to sign up and twenty dollars per month ($19.99 to be exact) to upload an unlimited number of beats to their servers.

Some of the features of Airbit are as follows:

You can post the player on an unlimited number of websites

Instant download delivery to customers

0% commissions taken on external sold beats.

You can upload a personalized voice tag or sound mark to protect your instrumentals

Wav files and Track outs of the beat sessions are supported

You can create customized beat discounts

You have multiple player design offers to choose from (HTML5 and Flash)

Here are some of the new Airbit features:


The biggest change that they have made is their re-imagined Marketplace. They’ve re-thought and redesigned every aspect, making sure buyers will have the very best experience possible. Absolutely nothing has been left untouched!

The new marketplace the first step in a our new long term strategy to attract more customers and increase sales, and therefore bringing more money into your pockets!

The new Marketplace is such a big change we’ve made a separate post to discuss what’s new, visit the post now.


In addition to our popular Flat UI and Eclipse store designs, they’ve now added a stunning new store design called the Shadow Store. The store fits perfectly with any website design, dark or light, and with customisable hint colour you can make sure the store blends in with the colours of your website.

To get started using the Shadow Store, head to the Music Stores section in your Dashboard.


One of their new additions is the ability to sell sound kits directly from your store. With more and more producers finding new ways of generating revenue, selling sound kits has become extremely popular over the years. With the Platinum account you can sell Unlimited sound kits on your store, and you can set your own prices.

Selling sound kits on your store is super simple, just follow this guide here.


This is a brilliant new feature enabling you to share a cart with your customers. You can select items and add a coupon code, then generate a share link. Anyone you share the link with will have their cart populated with the same items and coupon code.

To make it easier for your customers, you can optionally send them directly to checkout with the items in cart, ready to make payment, bypassing the store altogether and streamlining the purchase process.

You don’t even have to add items to cart to share it, you can simply add a coupon code to your store and generate a link, so any customers visiting the link will automatically have that coupon applied to their cart. Brilliant!

No more manually sending PayPal invoices for beats already on your store, or sending customers to your store to search for beats they already want, let Airbit do even more of the work for you and take advantage of the instant delivery.

You can use feature right now by visiting your store, adding items to cart, clicking the cart icon at the top right and selecting Share Cart.


You now have the ability accept offers on your beats. If a customer has a limited budget, they can send you an offer and you can negotiate from there. This is a great way to engage customers that may have otherwise left your store.

This can be enabled on all licenses, and will work whether you set a base price or not. You can enable this in your Licenses section.


You can now offer free downloads in exchange for social media follows and subscriptions. This is a great way to boost your followers on Twitter or subscriptions to your YouTube channel.

For those of you who stick to email lists, don’t worry, they still give you the option to exchange their name and email for your free beat. If you’re feeling extra generous you can even give away a free beat in return for nothing – the choice is yours! Have a read through this guide to get you started with free downloads.


Tabs are a great way to separate all the items you have for sale and make your customers experience much more streamlined. You can create multiple playlists with different beats, then display them all in the same store, without forcing your customers to wade through your whole catalogue to find what they’re looking for. You can even create a tab for Sound Kits so you don’t need a separate store for them. Head to Music Stores to create your tabs, or have a read through this guide.


Although sharing individual beats has been around since day 1, they’ve now improved this so your customers will be sent directly to your HTML5 store, and the shared beat jumps to the top of the list and starts playing.

This is great for upselling, as your customers can take advantage of your deals and browse your other beats. It’s perfect for linking to beats from your YouTube video descriptions.


You can now plan your release schedule ahead of time for maximum impact. You can plan your marketing strategies all in advance and let automation do all the hard work. You can finally take time off and relax!

You can set the date of the release once you upload the beats.


One of their new features is the ability to make beats private. Private beats are hidden from your main playlist, but can be shared individually or be part of a custom playlist. This is perfect for showing your best customers your work before it gets released to the public, or having a playlist of exclusive only beats that you only want to share privately.

You can set privacy when you upload new beats, or you can edit your existing beats now to set change their privacy settings.


They’ve always enabled the sale of trackouts, but now you can upload them directly to Airbit! You no longer need to pay for a third party service like Dropbox or Google Drive to host your trackouts.

Don’t worry though, your previous trackout links will still continue to work, but you can always replace them by uploading trackouts directly to Airbit now.


This is a great new feature that makes licensing easier and clearer for both the you and your customers. You now have multiple categories of terms for which you can set your desired values, or if you get stuck you can always use our pre-defined templates which we’ve put together based on general industry values. Once you use a pre-defined template, you can always edit the values after.

These terms are now displayed in your stores and on the marketplace, so your customers know exactly what they’re getting before they make a purchase. You can set your terms in the Licenses area of your Dashboard.


They’ve introduced Moods to allow you to further categorise your beats outside of just using a genre. This will help make your beats more discoverable as customers can filter by mood when browsing the marketplace, or filter by mood on your HTML5 store.

It makes the customer’s journey more streamlined by allowing them to narrow down the exact type of beat they’re looking for, and in turn will help bring in more sales. Get started by editing your beats and adding moods now.


Tags are another way to further categorise your beats. Tags have their own search results on the marketplace so a customer can search for a term – e.g. “drake” and just browse all the beats that are tagged with this term. This again will make your beats more discoverable, leading to a better customer journey to bring in more sales.

You can tag your beats when you upload them, or you can edit your beats now to add tags to your existing beats.


Your customers can now register via your store while making a purchase. This will create an account for them and allow them to keep track of their purchases and best offers in their Dashboard. They’ll be able download all their previous purchases without having to email you every time.

Oh…and Airbit never promote to your customers, they’re YOUR customers!


You can now pay for promotional spots on the Marketplace homepage giving you huge exposure and reaching more customers. You promote up to 1 beat per day, and promoted beats on the homepage are randomised so everyone promoting has a chance to appear top of the list!

Get started now by visiting the Promote Beats section in your Dashboard.


You can now connect your Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel to your Airbit account to track sales conversions from Facebook Ads. Whenever a sale is made, the sales data is sent to to Facebook which will track which ads are converting and which are not. You can now effectively split test your Facebook Ads and consistently increase conversions – no more guessing the results!

Get started now by visiting your Dashboard -> Integrations -> Analytics/Tracking section.


They have now changed the commission structure for the Marketplace and Platinum users now get to keep more of their earnings from the Marketplace. As well as that, you can now sell exclusive licenses on the Marketplace too.

You will still always keep 100% of your income from your personal stores and Airbit profile page.

This is just the beginning of a really exciting new future for the online beat selling industry. They’ve got a lot more in store for the months to come and we’re really grateful to have you a part of the Airbit family.

So get your beat store, get up -n runnin’ – take advantage of technology.

There’s never been a better time to Sell Beats Online.

Ya just gotta take action.

It starts here.

SIGN UP NOW and sell more beats than ever before.

Sell Beats

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