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MyflashStore Has Officially Evolved To! — Tons Of New Features To Sell More Beats


Sell Beats

Air­bit is free to sign up and twen­ty dol­lars per month ($19.99 to be exact) to upload an unlim­it­ed num­ber of beats to their servers.

Some of the fea­tures of Air­bit are as follows:

You can post the play­er on an unlim­it­ed num­ber of websites

Instant down­load deliv­ery to customers

0% com­mis­sions tak­en on exter­nal sold beats.

You can upload a per­son­al­ized voice tag or sound mark to pro­tect your instrumentals

Wav files and Track outs of the beat ses­sions are supported

You can cre­ate cus­tomized beat discounts

You have mul­ti­ple play­er design offers to choose from (HTML5 and Flash)

Here are some of the new Air­bit features:


The biggest change that they have made is their re-imag­ined Mar­ket­place. They’ve re-thought and redesigned every aspect, mak­ing sure buy­ers will have the very best expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble. Absolute­ly noth­ing has been left untouched!

The new mar­ket­place the first step in a our new long term strat­e­gy to attract more cus­tomers and increase sales, and there­fore bring­ing more mon­ey into your pockets!

The new Mar­ket­place is such a big change we’ve made a sep­a­rate post to dis­cuss what’s new, vis­it the post now.


In addi­tion to our pop­u­lar Flat UI and Eclipse store designs, they’ve now added a stun­ning new store design called the Shad­ow Store. The store fits per­fect­ly with any web­site design, dark or light, and with cus­tomis­able hint colour you can make sure the store blends in with the colours of your website.

To get start­ed using the Shad­ow Store, head to the Music Stores sec­tion in your Dashboard.


One of their new addi­tions is the abil­i­ty to sell sound kits direct­ly from your store. With more and more pro­duc­ers find­ing new ways of gen­er­at­ing rev­enue, sell­ing sound kits has become extreme­ly pop­u­lar over the years. With the Plat­inum account you can sell Unlim­it­ed sound kits on your store, and you can set your own prices.

Sell­ing sound kits on your store is super sim­ple, just fol­low this guide here.


This is a bril­liant new fea­ture enabling you to share a cart with your cus­tomers. You can select items and add a coupon code, then gen­er­ate a share link. Any­one you share the link with will have their cart pop­u­lat­ed with the same items and coupon code.

To make it eas­i­er for your cus­tomers, you can option­al­ly send them direct­ly to check­out with the items in cart, ready to make pay­ment, bypass­ing the store alto­geth­er and stream­lin­ing the pur­chase process.

You don’t even have to add items to cart to share it, you can sim­ply add a coupon code to your store and gen­er­ate a link, so any cus­tomers vis­it­ing the link will auto­mat­i­cal­ly have that coupon applied to their cart. Brilliant!

No more man­u­al­ly send­ing Pay­Pal invoic­es for beats already on your store, or send­ing cus­tomers to your store to search for beats they already want, let Air­bit do even more of the work for you and take advan­tage of the instant delivery.

You can use fea­ture right now by vis­it­ing your store, adding items to cart, click­ing the cart icon at the top right and select­ing Share Cart.


You now have the abil­i­ty accept offers on your beats. If a cus­tomer has a lim­it­ed bud­get, they can send you an offer and you can nego­ti­ate from there. This is a great way to engage cus­tomers that may have oth­er­wise left your store.

This can be enabled on all licens­es, and will work whether you set a base price or not. You can enable this in your Licens­es section.


You can now offer free down­loads in exchange for social media fol­lows and sub­scrip­tions. This is a great way to boost your fol­low­ers on Twit­ter or sub­scrip­tions to your YouTube channel.

For those of you who stick to email lists, don’t wor­ry, they still give you the option to exchange their name and email for your free beat. If you’re feel­ing extra gen­er­ous you can even give away a free beat in return for noth­ing – the choice is yours! Have a read through this guide to get you start­ed with free downloads.


Tabs are a great way to sep­a­rate all the items you have for sale and make your cus­tomers expe­ri­ence much more stream­lined. You can cre­ate mul­ti­ple playlists with dif­fer­ent beats, then dis­play them all in the same store, with­out forc­ing your cus­tomers to wade through your whole cat­a­logue to find what they’re look­ing for. You can even cre­ate a tab for Sound Kits so you don’t need a sep­a­rate store for them. Head to Music Stores to cre­ate your tabs, or have a read through this guide.


Although shar­ing indi­vid­ual beats has been around since day 1, they’ve now improved this so your cus­tomers will be sent direct­ly to your HTML5 store, and the shared beat jumps to the top of the list and starts playing.

This is great for upselling, as your cus­tomers can take advan­tage of your deals and browse your oth­er beats. It’s per­fect for link­ing to beats from your YouTube video descriptions.


You can now plan your release sched­ule ahead of time for max­i­mum impact. You can plan your mar­ket­ing strate­gies all in advance and let automa­tion do all the hard work. You can final­ly take time off and relax!

You can set the date of the release once you upload the beats.


One of their new fea­tures is the abil­i­ty to make beats pri­vate. Pri­vate beats are hid­den from your main playlist, but can be shared indi­vid­u­al­ly or be part of a cus­tom playlist. This is per­fect for show­ing your best cus­tomers your work before it gets released to the pub­lic, or hav­ing a playlist of exclu­sive only beats that you only want to share privately.

You can set pri­va­cy when you upload new beats, or you can edit your exist­ing beats now to set change their pri­va­cy settings.


They’ve always enabled the sale of track­outs, but now you can upload them direct­ly to Air­bit! You no longer need to pay for a third par­ty ser­vice like Drop­box or Google Dri­ve to host your trackouts.

Don’t wor­ry though, your pre­vi­ous track­out links will still con­tin­ue to work, but you can always replace them by upload­ing track­outs direct­ly to Air­bit now.


This is a great new fea­ture that makes licens­ing eas­i­er and clear­er for both the you and your cus­tomers. You now have mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories of terms for which you can set your desired val­ues, or if you get stuck you can always use our pre-defined tem­plates which we’ve put togeth­er based on gen­er­al indus­try val­ues. Once you use a pre-defined tem­plate, you can always edit the val­ues after.

These terms are now dis­played in your stores and on the mar­ket­place, so your cus­tomers know exact­ly what they’re get­ting before they make a pur­chase. You can set your terms in the Licens­es area of your Dashboard.


They’ve intro­duced Moods to allow you to fur­ther cat­e­gorise your beats out­side of just using a genre. This will help make your beats more dis­cov­er­able as cus­tomers can fil­ter by mood when brows­ing the mar­ket­place, or fil­ter by mood on your HTML5 store.

It makes the customer’s jour­ney more stream­lined by allow­ing them to nar­row down the exact type of beat they’re look­ing for, and in turn will help bring in more sales. Get start­ed by edit­ing your beats and adding moods now.


Tags are anoth­er way to fur­ther cat­e­gorise your beats. Tags have their own search results on the mar­ket­place so a cus­tomer can search for a term – e.g. “drake” and just browse all the beats that are tagged with this term. This again will make your beats more dis­cov­er­able, lead­ing to a bet­ter cus­tomer jour­ney to bring in more sales.

You can tag your beats when you upload them, or you can edit your beats now to add tags to your exist­ing beats.


Your cus­tomers can now reg­is­ter via your store while mak­ing a pur­chase. This will cre­ate an account for them and allow them to keep track of their pur­chas­es and best offers in their Dash­board. They’ll be able down­load all their pre­vi­ous pur­chas­es with­out hav­ing to email you every time.

Oh…and Air­bit nev­er pro­mote to your cus­tomers, they’re YOUR customers!


You can now pay for pro­mo­tion­al spots on the Mar­ket­place home­page giv­ing you huge expo­sure and reach­ing more cus­tomers. You pro­mote up to 1 beat per day, and pro­mot­ed beats on the home­page are ran­domised so every­one pro­mot­ing has a chance to appear top of the list!

Get start­ed now by vis­it­ing the Pro­mote Beats sec­tion in your Dashboard.


You can now con­nect your Face­book Ad Track­ing Pix­el to your Air­bit account to track sales con­ver­sions from Face­book Ads. When­ev­er a sale is made, the sales data is sent to to Face­book which will track which ads are con­vert­ing and which are not. You can now effec­tive­ly split test your Face­book Ads and con­sis­tent­ly increase con­ver­sions – no more guess­ing the results!

Get start­ed now by vis­it­ing your Dash­board -> Inte­gra­tions -> Analytics/Tracking sec­tion.


They have now changed the com­mis­sion struc­ture for the Mar­ket­place and Plat­inum users now get to keep more of their earn­ings from the Mar­ket­place. As well as that, you can now sell exclu­sive licens­es on the Mar­ket­place too.

You will still always keep 100% of your income from your per­son­al stores and Air­bit pro­file page.

This is just the begin­ning of a real­ly excit­ing new future for the online beat sell­ing indus­try. They’ve got a lot more in store for the months to come and we’re real­ly grate­ful to have you a part of the Air­bit family.

So get your beat store, get up ‑n run­nin’ – take advan­tage of technology.

There’s nev­er been a bet­ter time to Sell Beats Online.

Ya just got­ta take action.

It starts here.

SIGN UP NOW and sell more beats than ever before.

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