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Beatstars Did It Again – They Made Money With My Beats Behind My Back! – Review / Experience 2017


BEATSTARS.COM – Review / Bad Experience 2017


Some of you may already know my article about the huge problems that I had with If not, here you can find the first article: CLICK HERE FOR PART 1

Now it goes into the next round;
One person send me an email and asked for some of my beats. I checked the beat names and saw that they all were sold a long time ago. But I wasn’t sure we’re the guy found this beats and asked him were he found them. He send me a link to a Spotify page were more than 60 of my beats still online (without voice tags). This beats were uploaded by beatstars to Spotify through their distribution system. I thought this can’t be true after I had so much trouble with the money greedy beatstars system. But it seems if they want to top my horrible first story were I needed more than one year, a paid lawyer to get my beats deleted from beatstars, their partner sites and receive to my full payout for my main account on beatstars.

I searched a little bit and found my songs from my secondary beatstars account on the beatstars partner sites. This means they still make money with my beats for 1-2 years, without my permission!! They made money and didn’t send me an payout. It’s just unbelievable that this platform has so many quality producers who trust beatstars. I think what they did is just illegal and should be punished. It can’t be true that beatstars make money behind my back with my beats after I had to fight more than 1 year to get my payout and my beats deleted from my main beatstars account. I wasn’t thinking that they still let the beats from my secondary beatstars account online, give a sh** and making money with them. It seems if beatstars has learned nothing from this previous trouble. I still get a lot of emails from producers how have the same problems with beatstars who asking for some help.

I wrote the beatstars support and got the same cheap talk like the last time. They said they are sorry for the issue. They told me again that this isn’t a failure from beatstars. It’s the fault of their content ID partners and they may not removed all my beats. I’m not stupid… it’s just how beatstars handle their business / support. I had 100% the same problems with both of my accounts and still get a lot of mails from people who have similar or the same problems with beatstars like me. made hundreds of dollars with my music without any permission. I think an serious beat selling platform never would act like this, or? Now I received all payouts from my secondary beatstars account afterwards.

They have not met their deadline again to remove my beats (again). They wrote me it takes up to 30 days to “remove” all my beats from their partner websites. More than 1,5 Month later I still got no message anymore from beatstars. So I asked them if they deleted all my beats from their partner websites. Now they telling me that my beats were removed from the INgrooves content ID system but it takes longer to remove my beats. They also told me that they dind’t even know all websites were their content ID system uploaded my beats (without voice tags). So how can I / you check if my beats are all removed? Are you serious?? They just don’t know exacly were they upload all the beats! It is the same thing like the last time with my main account. The last time it tooks more than 1 year and I had to contact my lawyer (who contacted beatstars) before they stopped making money with my beats and claiming my customers on YouTube and send me my payout.

The CEO Abe Batson wrote me an apologize email last year. I appreciate that! I thought ok, maybe they got it and try to change. But then I realized that he is just trying to get me back to beatstars because my music got much more famous and successful withing the last years. He didn’t even listen my answers or questions in my emails when I answered him. He just tried to sell me his new beatstore and get me back with some free promotions etc. I wrote him my feelings that he didn’t read my emails, answer no of my questions and that I have the feeling that he is just trying to get me back to beatstars. After this email I never got an answer anymore. That shows me that I was right. he just wanted to get my back to beatstars. But I’ll probably never come back to beatstars.

I recommend all beat producers to seriously thinking about not joining beatstars if you searching for a an honest beatstore company. Beatstars is more business than music, that’s my feeling. And this is not the way I think / work. For sure, I still want to live from my beat sales but not like this. I’m making music and not just business. Think about it…

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