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Beatstars Did It Again — They Made Money With My Beats Behind My Back! — Review / Experience 2017

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Some of you may already know my arti­cle about the huge prob­lems that I had with If not, here you can find the first arti­cle: CLICK HERE FOR PART 1

Now it goes into the next round;
One per­son send me an email and asked for some of my beats. I checked the beat names and saw that they all were sold a long time ago. But I was­n’t sure we’re the guy found this beats and asked him were he found them. He send me a link to a Spo­ti­fy page were more than 60 of my beats still online (with­out voice tags). This beats were uploaded by beat­stars to Spo­ti­fy through their dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem. I thought this can’t be true after I had so much trou­ble with the mon­ey greedy beat­stars sys­tem. But it seems if they want to top my hor­ri­ble first sto­ry were I need­ed more than one year, a paid lawyer to get my beats delet­ed from beat­stars, their part­ner sites and receive to my full pay­out for my main account on beatstars.

I searched a lit­tle bit and found my songs from my sec­ondary beat­stars account on the beat­stars part­ner sites. This means they still make mon­ey with my beats for 1–2 years, with­out my per­mis­sion!! They made mon­ey and did­n’t send me an pay­out. It’s just unbe­liev­able that this plat­form has so many qual­i­ty pro­duc­ers who trust beat­stars. I think what they did is just ille­gal and should be pun­ished. It can’t be true that beat­stars make mon­ey behind my back with my beats after I had to fight more than 1 year to get my pay­out and my beats delet­ed from my main beat­stars account. I was­n’t think­ing that they still let the beats from my sec­ondary beat­stars account online, give a sh** and mak­ing mon­ey with them. It seems if beat­stars has learned noth­ing from this pre­vi­ous trou­ble. I still get a lot of emails from pro­duc­ers how have the same prob­lems with beat­stars who ask­ing for some help.

I wrote the beat­stars sup­port and got the same cheap talk like the last time. They said they are sor­ry for the issue. They told me again that this isn’t a fail­ure from beat­stars. It’s the fault of their con­tent ID part­ners and they may not removed all my beats. I’m not stu­pid… it’s just how beat­stars han­dle their busi­ness / sup­port. I had 100% the same prob­lems with both of my accounts and still get a lot of mails from peo­ple who have sim­i­lar or the same prob­lems with beat­stars like me. made hun­dreds of dol­lars with my music with­out any per­mis­sion. I think an seri­ous beat sell­ing plat­form nev­er would act like this, or? Now I received all pay­outs from my sec­ondary beat­stars account afterwards.

They have not met their dead­line again to remove my beats (again). They wrote me it takes up to 30 days to “remove” all my beats from their part­ner web­sites. More than 1,5 Month lat­er I still got no mes­sage any­more from beat­stars. So I asked them if they delet­ed all my beats from their part­ner web­sites. Now they telling me that my beats were removed from the INgrooves con­tent ID sys­tem but it takes longer to remove my beats. They also told me that they dind’t even know all web­sites were their con­tent ID sys­tem uploaded my beats (with­out voice tags). So how can I / you check if my beats are all removed? Are you seri­ous?? They just don’t know exa­cly were they upload all the beats! It is the same thing like the last time with my main account. The last time it tooks more than 1 year and I had to con­tact my lawyer (who con­tact­ed beat­stars) before they stopped mak­ing mon­ey with my beats and claim­ing my cus­tomers on YouTube and send me my payout.


The CEO Abe Bat­son wrote me an apol­o­gize email last year. I appre­ci­ate that! I thought ok, maybe they got it and try to change. But then I real­ized that he is just try­ing to get me back to beat­stars because my music got much more famous and suc­cess­ful with­ing the last years. He did­n’t even lis­ten my answers or ques­tions in my emails when I answered him. He just tried to sell me his new beat­store and get me back with some free pro­mo­tions etc. I wrote him my feel­ings that he did­n’t read my emails, answer no of my ques­tions and that I have the feel­ing that he is just try­ing to get me back to beat­stars. After this email I nev­er got an answer any­more. That shows me that I was right. he just want­ed to get my back to beat­stars. But I’ll prob­a­bly nev­er come back to beatstars.

I rec­om­mend all beat pro­duc­ers to seri­ous­ly think­ing about not join­ing beat­stars if you search­ing for a an hon­est beat­store com­pa­ny. Beat­stars is more busi­ness than music, that’s my feel­ing. And this is not the way I think / work. For sure, I still want to live from my beat sales but not like this. I’m mak­ing music and not just busi­ness. Think about it…

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