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ROYALTY-FREE BEATS – Download / Buy Royalty Free Music Instrumentals / Beats

Royalty Free Rap Beats


– Download / Buy Royalty Free Music Instrumentals / Beats

A lot of artists ask me if the have to pay any kind of addi­o­tion­al fees, comis­sion or any­thing else like that when they use my instru­men­tals. The answer is sim­ple and short: NO! All my instru­men­tals are roy­al­ty free. This means if you pur­chase a license, you don’t have to pay any addi­tion­al fees. All licens­es are all on time pay­ments (except if you’re leas­ing license expired). Free down­loads on my web­site are also roy­al­ty free for non-prof­itable / non-com­mer­cial use. I offer more than 300 beats on my home­page such as: Hip Hop, Rap, Old School, Beats With Hooks, Urban, R&B and even some pro­fes­sion­al EDM, Dub­step and Pop Beats. All licens­es in my beat­store comes as roy­al­ty free instru­men­tal, either as leas­ing license or exclu­sive rights. You can browse beats and down­load all ver­sions in my main beat­store for free (with voice tag). All free down­loads of my roy­al­ty free beats are avail­able for non prof­itable use with­out fur­ther costs.

offer you high qual­i­ty con­tent for your record­ing ses­sions. It does­n’t mat­ter if you an upcom­ming artists with a small bud­get or a pro­fes­sion­al artist. You will find pro­fes­sion­al beats for cheap prices. Also take a look at my offi­cial clear­ance beat­store. I offer very afford­able exclu­sive beats for sale. The price range for this exclu­sive beats is much low­er than $100! But check it out your­self. As I said all licens­es are with­out any hid­den costs or fees for all bud­gets and needs. Pay once to use roy­al­ty-free music in your com­mer­cial projects with a few excep­tions as not­ed in the license agree­ment (terms & conditions). is the best source for high qual­i­ty sound and pro­fes­sion­al instru­men­tals that could be used for: songs, mix­tapes, free down­load albums, com­mer­cial LP’s, rap­pers, singers, film, back­ground music, Radio & TV air­play, games, apps and so much more. You can browse instru­men­tals by genre, mood, name, bpm (tem­po), date and price to find the best sound as pos­si­ble for your songs. All pur­chased licens­es in my beat­store comes via instant instant deliv­ery down­load. You can pay via pay­pal or cred­it card and receive all music files instant­ly to your email address. Enhance your sound with roy­al­ty free beats from a pro­fes­sion­al pro­duc­er with­out emp­ty your wallet.

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