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WHERE ARE THE OLD SCHOOL BEATS? – No Old School Instrumentals Anymore?

old school rap beats


No Old School Beats Anymore?

The trap/dirty south are still the most upcoming hip hop genres within the last years. More and more major artists are using this new school beats for their next songs/hits. The also means if you browse beats on the most popular beat selling platforms you will hear a lot of 808 drums and new school stuff. Sometimes I feel like old school rap is about to die. I started to produce my first beats round about 15 years ago when I was 14 years young. Iam from this old school era and really love this genre. It’s my favorite rap genre to be honest. I don’t have a problem with the new school movement but I want to keep old school rap alive. That’s one of many reasons why I produce so much old school stuff and using so many acoustic instruments for my music. I see that a lot of you still buy/download my old school beats and use them for great songs, videos etc.. I just love this feeling when I hear dope old school drums, raw samples and old school rhythm. A lot of my old school beats sounds if I used samples in there. Just some of them contains samples that need clearance. For many of them I used vst plugins with royalty free instruments that sounds like samples. You can hit me up anytime if you are interested in buying a beat and ask me if it contains samples that need clearance. I will get back to you asap. I hope we can keep old school rap as one of the main subgenres in hip hop and rap. Let’s make some dope old school songs!

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Here you can find all my old school beats:

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BEATS WITH HOOKS – Professional hooks for your songs


Download – Buy Beats w/Hooks

More and more people looking for beats with hooks allready included in them. Usually it is hard to find a good singer for a hook as an upcoming artist. The most professional singers charge houndreds of dollars for a hook. And that’s a problem if you have to pay everything out of your pocket. That’s why I offer instrumental with exclusive hooks. This means that all hooks on my beats are made especially for them. I own exclusive rights to this hooks and all of them are unique.

Professional Singer For Your Songs

The most of them are written and recorded by the great singer “J.C. of The Finest”.

Just some of his production credits are:

Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, No Malice of The Clipse, Dana “The One” Vaughns, Booba, ABC, NBC, BET, MTV, E!, FOX, Warner Brothers, Oxygen, Telepictures, Def Jam Records, Rostrum Records…

He is a professional singer and always done an amazing job on my music. In contrast to other producers I don’t charge extra for the hooks on my beats. The leasing and exclusive prices for the beats with hooks are the same like for my beats without hooks. Usually the most producers charge a little bit more for them. Hooks on my instrumentals are always mixed and mastered. But you can get the raw vocal trackouts for sure to make your own mix and mastering. This gives you the option to adjust all vocals to the same sound level and the singer sounds like a regular feature on your song. The trackouts are available by purchasing a premium-lease, unlimited-lease or exclusive rights.

Royalty Free – No Additional Fees

You don’t have to pay any additional fees after you leased a beat with hook. The licenses (non-exclusive and exclusive licenses) on my website are all royalty free. Record your next hit on my beats with hook and push your songs to the next level! You can buy a license in my beatstore to receive beats without tags and the right to use them for profit use. Also free downloads for all my beats with hooks (with tags) are available in my main beatstore.

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Here you can find all my beats with hooks:

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ROYALTY-FREE BEATS – Download / Buy Royalty Free Music Instrumentals / Beats

royalty free beats


– Download / Buy Royalty Free Music Instrumentals / Beats

A lot of artists ask me if the have to pay any kind of addiotional fees, comission or anything else like that when they use my instrumentals. The answer is simple and short: NO! All my instrumentals are royalty free. This means if you purchase a license, you don’t have to pay any additional fees. All licenses are all on time payments (except if you’re leasing license expired). Free downloads on my website are also royalty free for non-profitable / non-commercial use. I offer more than 300 beats on my homepage such as: Hip Hop, Rap, Old School, Beats With Hooks, Urban, R&B and even some professional EDM, Dubstep and Pop Beats. All licenses in my beatstore comes as royalty free instrumental, either as leasing license or exclusive rights. You can browse beats and download all versions in my main beatstore for free (with voice tag). All free downloads of my royalty free beats are available for non profitable use without further costs.

offer you high quality content for your recording sessions. It doesn’t matter if you an upcomming artists with a small budget or a professional artist. You will find professional beats for cheap prices. Also take a look at my official clearance beatstore. I offer very affordable exclusive beats for sale. The price range for this exclusive beats is much lower than $100! But check it out yourself. As I said all licenses are without any hidden costs or fees for all budgets and needs. Pay once to use royalty-free music in your commercial projects with a few exceptions as noted in the license agreement (terms & conditions). is the best source for high quality sound and professional instrumentals that could be used for: songs, mixtapes, free download albums, commercial LP’s, rappers, singers, film, background music, Radio & TV airplay, games, apps and so much more. You can browse instrumentals by genre, mood, name, bpm (tempo), date and price to find the best sound as possible for your songs. All purchased licenses in my beatstore comes via instant instant delivery download. You can pay via paypal or credit card and receive all music files instantly to your email address. Enhance your sound with royalty free beats from a professional producer without empty your wallet.

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