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My Bad Experience With And Their Content ID / Distribution Service — Review

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Many of you already know as a pop­u­lar beat sell­ing plat­form for hip hop/rap pro­duc­ers. They offer a lot of great fea­tures and made a lot of help­ful changes in the past.

But be aware about their dis­tri­b­u­tion service!!

They attract with mak­ing mon­ey by stream­ing your beats on Spo­ti­fy, YouTube, Sound­cloud and many more. But the truth is that Beat­stars will take the con­trol of your beats and don’t care about the pro­duc­ers and their rights. I don’t want to write down all details of my sto­ry cause this arti­cle would be far too long. But what I was able to expe­ri­ence is unbelievable.

And the start page they advertise:
“Would­n’t you like to get paid from oth­er peoples´s YouTube videos that use your music?”

The cor­rect sen­tence (in my opin­ion) would be:
“Wouldn´t you like to get ripped of from Beat­stars who use your music as their own?”

Here is the “short” ver­sion of my sto­ry just to show you how Beat­stars is han­dle their dis­tri­b­u­tion service:

More than 1 year ago I entered the dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vice on I send maybe 40 of my beats for dis­tri­b­u­tion. Lat­er I was won­der­ing why I got YouTube claims (by INgroove, lat­er by Beat­stars direct­ly) on so many of my beats on YouTube. I wrote INgroove more than 3 times but nev­er got any answer. Lat­er I was able to found out that INgrooves opened this claims for Beat­stars. They put all my beats into their Con­tent ID sys­tem and Iam not able any­more to mon­e­tize my videos on YouTube. I wrote the Beat­stars sup­port mul­ti­ple times. After a lot of unan­swered emails I opened oppo­si­tions for all of myy claimed instru­men­tals on YouTube because this are my beats. Then I got an angry answer from the Beat­stars CEO Abe Bat­shon that I gave them the right to mon­e­tize my beats on YouTube & Co and that I should close the oppo­si­tion asap. I asked him for the terms of use where this is writ­ten with the Con­tent ID sys­tem (because it was nowhere writ­ten at this point) and got no answer any­more. I wrote him again and again and all I got was an old YouTube video where he explains how to enter and use the dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vice. There was no word about the Con­tent ID sys­tem or the claims or any­thing else. I asked him again for the offi­cial terms of use and nev­er got an answer about this (cause it was nowhere writ­ten as I think).

Then I saw that my beats on Spo­ti­fy & Co are all UNTAGGED (with­out voice tags). This was also nowhere writ­ten and means that every­body with a min­i­mum tech­ni­cal­ly skill is able to down­load and use my beats with­out pay­ing for them. So I wrote the Beat­stars sup­port again and asked for a take­down of all my beats from their Con­tent ID sys­tem and all part­ner sites where they uploaded my untagged beats. I got an answer that I have to pay for the take­down. I asked them again where I can read the terms of use about this. The answer was that they will make an excep­tion and delete my beats free of charge (cause it was nowhere writ­ten that I´ll have to pay for a take­down). They told me to wait 60–90 days for the take­down. I wait­ed longer than that and 90% of my beats stay online. I wrote them on a month­ly base for more than a half year before they start­ed to remove just some of my beats from their Con­tent ID sys­tem and part­ner pages. But 90% of my beats still online after more than 6 month. I need­ed more than 4 addi­tion­al month and a offi­cial (paid) lawyer to get 70% of my beats removed from their Con­tent ID sys­tem and part­ner sites!

It’s unbe­liev­able but true, they just don’t give a sh** about the rights of pro­duc­ers and cus­tomers. They also don´t care if I would take legal action. I sold a lot of this beats exclu­sive­ly in the mean­while. I wrote them that they should delete this beats asap cause I don’t have any rights any­more for this beats. But they just claimed the YouTube videos from my cus­tomers who bought exclu­sive rights and just give a sh** about it! I delet­ed my whole Beat­stars account and told them that I don’t need a refund about my already paid sub­scrip­tion for 1 year, I just want­ed to get my beats removed from their dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem. After I can­celed my sub­scrip­tion and wasn’t a Beat­stars mem­ber any­more I thought they don’t have the rights any­more to make mon­ey by mon­e­tize my beats etc.. But I was wrong. Also after I delet­ed my whole paid advance account on Beat­stars they still was claim­ing me and my cus­tomers YouTube videos. They still mak­ing mon­ey with my and my cus­tomers beats by stream­ing them on mul­ti­ple plat­forms and open claims on YouTube. They just stopped to send my pay­out for the dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vice because Iam not a mem­ber of Beat­stars any­more. So Beat­stars is try­ing to mak­ing mon­ey with beats from pro­duc­ers in any way and absolute­ly give no sh** about the rights of their producers+their cus­tomers! I would say that at Beat­stars it´s all about the mon­ey. Beat­stars is dead for me!

I had a lot of strange trou­ble with sound­click in the past few years (like a lot of active pro­duc­ers on sound­click had). But this is the worst I ever saw in the beat sell­ing indus­try! Beat­stars is mak­ing mon­ey out­side of all inter­na­tion­al copy­right laws and give a sh** about pro­duc­ers, lawyers and cus­tomers. It’s the worst beat sell­ing com­pa­ny I ever saw. I know that Beat­stars offer a lot of good fea­tures and for some peo­ple it´s maybe real­ly prof­itable. But do you real­ly want to offer your beats on such an igno­rant and “greedy for mon­ey” beat sell­ing plat­form? Iam not say­ing that every­thing is bad on Beat­stars. But this is my opin­ion about Beat­stars. Just think about it if its worth to make some addi­tion­al dol­lar in a month to get trou­ble like this.

Maybe you had sim­i­lar expe­ri­ence with Beatstars?
Feel free to write your expe­ri­ence and / or opin­ion in the comments.



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