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I think a lot of you should now Alicia Renee, she is the female singer who made the most hooks on producers beats. Just skip arround the soundclick charts and you will find some of her hooks for sure. Thats why I wrote her to get some hooks and bridges on 3 of my beats.
After we found a deal after some written emails I got my first surprise. She tried to take more money as discussed. I got an higher paypal money request as she told me before. She told me this would be normal cause she have to pay the paypal fees…so what?? I would never try to push the price cause of the paypal fees…I wrote a couple of emails again until she agreed to send me a new paypal money request with the first price.

Just for example: If I would make a custom beat for $399 I NEVER would send a paypal money request about $449 or more cause of the paypal fees…thats just money-grubbing and unprofessional…

I made my payment for the 3 hooks and bridges. I paid a couple of houndred dollars in Juni 2014 and wait some weeks until i got my files. I told her before i made my order that I need the hooks and bridges in one line that I just have to put them under my beats and mixing them. I need them in the same sound quality like in her previews. Then I was just shocked.

I got over 60! seperate trackout-files for 1 hook + 1 bridge. So it makes more than 180 seperate trackouts for 3 hooks!

The folder also includes files which never was in the preview. Failed tries to sing, different melodies and other lyrics. The most lines was cuttet every 2-3 words. I wrote her that I told it before I paid that I need the trackouts in one line and not in more than 180 unprofessional cuttet files. She told me that she don’t understand my problem. I should search for an sound engineer who can cut all these files into one. But this was not our deal! I wrote her again and again. After some emails I have run out of patience. I don’t wanted to wait longer and made her an offer to send an extra payment just to get the files like they sounds in her previews which I allready got. Normally I should get this files with my first order without sending an extra payment. She agreed, took the money from my extra payment and send me NOTHING! So she scammed me and has stolen my money. I waited over 2,5 month now before I start to write this blog about her. Its absolut unbelievable how she just can give a shit about this. She just told me that I should´nt write her emails on “a daily basis” and unfriendly stuff like this….I wrote here maybe all 1-2 weeks again after I got no answere. If a person telling you that you will got all requested files within 24 hours, I think its more than okay to send an emails after 1 weeks is gone and you got nothing…or??

At last she told me that she send me this new trackouts twice but this is not true! Its just a cheeky lie!!

I asked her a couple of times just to resend this files to another email adress. But she refused this for any reason. I asked her to give my my money back, she refused it. At last I asked her just to give me my extra payment back which I´ve send for the new trackouts, she stopped to answere anymore.

So let’s see what you got if you decide to deal with Alicia Renee:

Thats my experience:

– She tried to push the price after we allready had a deal because of paypal fees
– She took extra money for the trackouts which I should got with the first deal
– After more than 2 month I didnt got the extra paid files and she denied to send them
– Very unfriendly service
– She had stolen my money and don’t give a shit about it


That one of the previews I´ve got (sounds pretty good):



And thats are two lines from the first trackouts I´ve got:


Sounds really different, or? And I got over 180 of this strange trackout files.

So now its up to you if you would like to throw your money out of the window or not…
Here is another post from an artist who got scammed by Alicia Renee:


Or maybe you allready dealed with her?


Write your experience with Alicia Renee into the comments section.


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