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Producers – Take care where to upload/sell your beats

There are so many websites to sell beats online. But you have to take care what this websites can do with your beats after you upload them on their platform. You should read carefully the full terms of use from every beat website before you start to sell your rap beats there. Before I start talking about considerable beat selling websites I would like to say that I don’t want to advice against this websites. I also still selling my beats on this platforms. But you have to take care about some small details before start to sell your beats there.

If you upload your beats on and publish them, the Beatstars system will ask you if you would like to distribute them for free on Spotify, YouTube and some other platforms. I think this is a great feature but what if you have sold a couple of beats exclusively? They still online on Spotify and YouTube!! I had this problem some weeks ago. I had no idea how to delete this beats and wrote the beatstars support 3 times but I got no answer. I told them my problem and that I need help cause I dont know how to remove this beats from Spotify and YouTube. I have no idea why I got no reply, cause Beatstars always had a really good customer support in the past. Maybe they just also don’t know how to remove this beats from Spotify cause this Spotify feature is pretty new. Normally all beats are automatically protected with a Beatstars voice tag after producers uploaded them on Beatstars. But all through Beatstars distributed beats on Spotify and YouTube are without any voice tag! So take care producers…

This is an absolutely unique beat website. From the functions till the terms of use.
Rocbattle changed a lot of terms in the last few month. Rocbattle takes now about 40%-80% percent commission!!! They currently takes a 40% commission for Gold and Silver member sales and 80% percent commission from Bronze member sales! They also have the right to change beat prices now for all of your beats without asking you! They change the beat prices for all beats on rocbattle (just for example) to only $11.99. If you would have a paid Bronze (Free) or Silver member account ($6,95/month) you only would earn about $2,39 ($11,99:100×20) and with a Gold ($12,95/month) member subscription only about $7,19 ($11,99:100X60)! You can’t do anything against this (except delete your beats+profile on Rocbattle). That’s the highest commission i´ve ever seen in the whole online beat selling business. Rocbattle still a good website and they are a lot of customers online who wanna buy beats. For producers it still a good place to sell beats or just to having fun with other producers in beat battles. But you have to know the fact that Rocbattle will takes the half control over your beats on their platform.

For me this 2 Beat websites are good examples that you should read terms and conditions carefully before you start to sell your hip hop beats on platforms like this. You will definitely get some people to buy beats from you but you have to know if you agree or disagree to this terms of use.

Terms of use: terms of use here. new beat policy update here. terms of use here.

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  • Hey, good insight, I just caught the very high commission in the RocBattle T&Cs and couldn’t believe it. Had a quick google and came to this post.

    I think the commission is too high for me. I’d rather promote to my webpage, I’ll find other ways to direct traffic. I can’t have a site taking such a chunk after the hours invested into each instrumental.

    Liking the beats btw, bookmarked.

  • hey man ! so i started using BEATSTARS and it’s really good and easy to work with but.. after selling my first track, they took 30% commission. Do you know if they take less commission if you upgrade the account to pro ? thanks.

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