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Producer Promotion – Legit And Scam Companies

Beat Producer Promotion – Legit And Scam Companis

There are some many promo services out there for beat producers and also for artists. But this time I would like to share my experience about promotion services for beat producers. I tried a lot of promo services in the past years. Sad but true: the most are fakes! They looks professional and if you write them they answere you all questions like a normal company. But after you bought a product they just stop to answere you. They just take your money and deliver nothing or fake products. And i have no chance to get my money back cause paypal don’t help customers who bought a digital product. Its hard to know wich promotion service is legit and wich is a scam. Here is a list with some promotion services I used and my experience about them. At First I will tell you my experience about the scam promo services.


This is a completely scam site. They will answere all of your questions before you buy a product. At firts they looks like a legit company. But after your payment is done you get absolutely nothing. They stop to answere you and you don’t get any soundclick plays or page views. Thats a 100% scam site. Don’t buy anything on this page. It would be more effective to throw your money out of your window.

Here its similar like the first fake company. They will answere all of your questions and everything sounds great. After your payment is done you will get 100% fake plays on your soundclick profile. This is absolute sensless cause sometimes people got banned from soundclick cause they got a lot of fake plays. They still answered me after I wrote them that I got fake plays. But they just got angry and insultet me. I got no refund. Don’t buy anything on this page!

This is a strange scam company. I bought a big package of soundclick plays and page views and got nothing. After I wrote them they agreed to send me a full refund. If they are a fake company they wouldn´t send me a refund but they done it. I don’t know why I got no plays/page views but a refund. So I’m not sure if they are a scam or not.

They looks like a pretty cool promo company for artists and producers. They answered all of my questions straight and fast before I bought promotion from them. I bought an email blast, and they helped me to design a good newsletter. I thought thats a great company; good products, fair prices and a good support. My newsletter/email blast should be send to over 250000 people. But after they told me that they send my emails blast to all people I was wondering why I got no more homepage traffic than usual. I asked them why I got no traffic after they send my newsletter to over 250000 people!? They send me a screenshot from their system wich showed me that I should got over 2500 new visitors on my homepage within the last days. I send them a screenshot from my google analytics account where they could see that this can’t be true. I got no more traffic than usual. They just told me that they have no idea why I cant see the new visitors in my google analytics account and that I got them. I asked for a refund or if they could send my newsletter again. They just gave a shit about my problem and stopped to answere me. I wrote them many times that I would appreciate it if they would answere me to solve this problem. I got no answere anymore. I think they are just another damn scam company. Don’t buy anything on this site you will just loose money and get nothing!

Now I would like to show you some legit sites to promote your music/beats.


You can buy banner promotion on rocbattle to promote your beats online. They have fair prices and you get target traffic to your homepage from people who need beats. But you have to know that the system to manage your banner on rocbattle is very impractical. After you uploadet your banner you have no chance to change it by yourself. You have to write the rocbattle support to get this done. But later more about the rocbattle support…I uploadet a banner in .gif format. After my upload was done I checked if everything is working fine and the rocbattle homepage to see my banner. I saw that my banner looked horrible. The quality looked very bad! I just wrote the rocbattle support if they could change my gif banner with my flashbanner. I took about 1 week until I got an answere. But they changed it for me and send me a short message. I also got some extra days of banner promo cause it tooks some days until they made the change. Then I saw that in my rocbattle promotion dahboard that I got a lot of impressions but no clicks on my banners. I wrote them why I got no traffic report and they just answered me that the rocbattle system can’t count the clicks for a flashbanner. It was nowhere written that it is like this, but however. I changed my banner to a .jpg banner to have a good quality and have a working traffic report. I send my new banner as a jpg file to rocbattle and it tooks about a week again until I got an answere and my new .jpg banner online. They started to get angry and wrote me that they cant change my banner so often for me. I just wrote them that it’s not my fault that I cant change the banner by myself and that the rocbattle banner system have such problems. I checked my new .jpg banner and saw that I still can’t see my traffic reports. I checked my banner on rocbattle and saw that nobody can click on it. They just forgot to redirect the banner to my homepage. So I got a paid banner that nobody can click… I wrote the rocbattle system that they should set my homepage link on the banner. I got no answere anymore and my paid banner was still running. After I send them some more emails and still got no answere I opened a paypal claim. I know that I can’t get my money back from paypal for digital products but I just wanted rocbattle to answere me. The rocbattle support wrote me at the same that day that they will delete all of my beats and my whole profile on rocbattle if i don’t close the paypal claim. And they wrote me that I would never follow the rules on rocbattle…so what??? I can’t believe it how they can treat loyal customers like this. I already was a loyal rocbattle member for years! Thats showed me the true face of rocbattle. I closed the paypal claim and the rocbattle ceo (Allen Brown) let my rocbattle profile active. I have to say that rocbattle is a good site to sell beats and make a lot of fun with beat battles and so on. But the rocbattle support is just horrible. I booked one more banner promo about 1 year later. I just uploadet my flash banner and don’t care about the missing traffic stats. I got some thousands impressions and some traffic to my site. I just saw in my google analytics account that I got traffic from rocbattle. So the banner promo is legit and working. But just with some problems and a bad support.

I think you all know You can promote your beats on soundclick but not your homepage. I booked a lot of promotion in the past. They working fine but only for one or two days. Then you have to buy more promotion or you will loose your good chart positions. Its hard to generate good sales with soundclick promotion cause you have to spend a lot of money to get a top charts position. And the most effective promotion “spotlight artist” and “promo song of the day” are always sold out and reserved for the biggest producers on soundclick. The soundclick chart and promotion system is really untelligible. And if you asked the soundclick support to understand it they don’t explain you anything! Usually no just get no answere if you have questions about the promotions and chart system. Even if you have other questions or problems with soundclick the support is absolutely horrible. Soundclick is one of the biggest plattforms to sell beats but they do what they want with their users. If they want to answere you, you normally get helpless standart answeres. But many times you just get no answere…

Myflashstore if the best plattform for me to promote my homepage! They have a perfect support, perfect banner system, good prices and you will get the most traffic for your money. I already booked so many banner promotions on and never had any problems. You can manage everything by yourself. Upload your banner in .jpg, .gif, flash. You can manage them anytime or let multiple banners run in one camapaign. If I had problems or questions about my beatstore from they always answered fast and friendly. They helped me with all problems and are just perfect. If you are an beat producer and would like to get more traffic and beat sales on your homepage the banner promotion is just amazing. There is nothing more what I can say about them. Just try it and you will be impressed about the power from

I hope i could help you with this article about producer promotions.
Feel free to post your experience to one of this or other promotion companies.


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