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That’s Why I Sell Exclusive Beats For Cheap

For sure, some people maybe ask theirself why I offer exclusive beats for cheap and also beat leases from $25-$100? The answere is simple. But at first I have to tell you a little bit more about me and my story. About 13 years ago I made some beats with fruity loops 2 or fruity loops 3 (iam not sure with wich version I started). I made them just for fun. I was a fanatic rap fan since I was 10 or 11 years old. It was true love when I hold my first rap cd in my hands. Now Iam 26 years old and nothing changed, iam still a fanatic rap head. Maybe 4-5 years after my first produced beats I thought maybe I could offer some of my beats for free online. I uploadet them on some rap plattforms. I offered them for free, but more and more people asked me if they could buy my beats exclusively to use them for commercial projects. I sold a lot of exclusive beats within the next years, for sure for very low prices ;). I was just an rap-fan who wanted to offer some dope free beats to the rap community. But I thought “okay, if the people want me to sell my beats I’ll give a try”. I started to sell my beats on some beat plattforms like rocbattle and soundclick + some more. The most people wanted to buy affordalbe exclusive beats from me and I offered them what they need. With the time my beat business grow up and become much bigger within the next few years. I was wondering myself how big could this business grow, where is the limit? I was more than once surprised how fast my business becomes bigger and bigger. I made my own homepage, gave my fanbase a plattform on my twitter and facebook account and got a lot support and beat sales from upcomming artists all over the world. I worked really hard to reach this level where iam now. But my loyal fanbase gave my the motivation to always keep going on. Now I offer also lease beats for a long time. But i’am always thankful to my first fanbase and supporters who inspired me to build up my own business. I just want to say thanks to all of my supporter from the first day. That’s why I sell selected exclusive beats for cheap.

It’s not all about the money.

That’s music.

Thanks for everything!

Your InsaneBeatz

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