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Selling Beats Online – Where To Start!?

Selling beats online can be a very profitable business for music producers. Most producers fail to make significant money from selling their beats online simply because they don’t know how to do it effectively.

Just throwing a few beats online and thinking artist will flock to buy is not enough. If you really want to make the big money (6 figures a year or more) you have to understand thoroughly marketing and promotion. You have to understand why people buy and most of all how to drive targeted traffic.

The problem most producers have is they don’t where to start to sell beats online. Well you have a few choices.

1. You could purchase domain and hosting for cheap and have a web designer make you a music webpage to sell your beats.

2. You could use 3rd party arbitrage sites that allow producers to upload their beats so artist can purchase and download instantly.

3. Put your music on huge communities like soundclick, beatstars, rocbattle and let artist contact you to purchase beats.

All of these methods can result in a good amount of money if done right.

It is a good idea to do all of those methods to make as much money as possible.

You have to treat this like a business and not like a hustle. Your in the business of selling music, and your beats are the product. Your customers are music artist (mostly up and coming) looking buy affordable beats to record their tracks to.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take time and dedication to start making the big bucks when you start to sell beats online. It is hard work, but worth it in the long run.

It is also a good idea to have at least 50 hot beats already made and ready to be sold. 50 is a good amount because it gives the artist a few beats to choose from.

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MP3 or WAV File When Buying Rap Beats Online?

It’s important to make the right decision when shopping for rapping beats. It will help you be seen as a professional who knows what he or she is doing. When you’re buying rap beats and instrumentals do you go for the MP3 or the WAV? Are MP3s good enough to make professional music with? Read the rest of the article below to learn how to make the right buying decision to make the most of your money!

This article is part of a series called “Urban Music Business Tips” which is all about how to work at being a successful independent Urban Music Artist. I hope that I can help out some of the new up-and-coming rappers and singers start their urban music career off right. If you follow the tips in this series, you’ll be a BIG step ahead of your competition! Most music artists never think about this kind of stuff!

Q: When buying rap beats and instrumentals online should I get a WAV or MP3 file?

A: This questions is more important than more Urban music artists think. In all honesty, both types of hiphop beats and r&b beats can work. But when it comes to recording professional music, you always want to have the best possible quality at every step of the process. Rapping beats that are WAV files are some of the highest quality audio files that you can get. MP3 is a COMPRESSED audio format – that’s why the audio files of the rap beats are much smaller than WAVs. This means that a TON of audio data is basically being chopped off the WAV file. And although it can still sound OK, it is not the BEST possible quality of sound. Bringing MP3s hiphop beats into the studio to do recording, mixing or mastering is looked DOWN upon. Don’t get caught slipping and look like an amateur when you go into the studio – pick the WAV whether you buy or download rap beats.

That’s assuming you have access to the WAV. Some hiphop and r&b producers aren’t willing to give up WAV files (for whatever reasons.) But whenever possible, download the WAV file or ask your producer specifically for the WAV. Most producers are OK with sending you a WAV of the hiphop beats for a small fee if you ask. If you can’t afford the WAV file or the producer you doesn’t offer WAV files you CAN still use an MP3.

Remember, MP3s are compressed audio files with a lot of “lost” data. So you want to have the highest possible bit-rate (the “kbps” number) when buying your rapping beats and r&b beats. 320 is the highest you can have. MP3s can be OK for mix tapes and promo songs (even though they are looked down upon in the Pro Audio world), but if you’re making a single or commercial album – GET THE WAVs!

Hope this was helpful!

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Cons Against Signing A Rap Record Deal

Hey whats good… I want to talk to you about record deals.

A lot of my friends are trying to get signed to major labels. I tell them do not do it because I feel in this day and age that is one of the worst things you can do for your music career. The independent movement is popping right now, you can now make tens of thousands and even millions digitally through iTunes or on your own website. In Today’s Industry more and more independent music artists than ever are living off of their music and living their dreams.

First ask yourself what is a Record Label? Its basically two things: it is a loan company and a marketing company. They provide you with a loan and they market you to the world. A major label will most likely give you a 360 Deal which means they own rights to your masters, almost all the income made off record sales, shows, and merchandise.

Here is an example of how the shadyness goes down

Lets say an artist goes gold (certified gold = 500,000 units)

Record labels are giving the artist around 13 percent of album sales. So going gold would equal $480,000. Looks like you caking right? Wrong

Lets say the record label invested $100,000 in marketing and promotion now you are down to 380,000.

Now take another 70,000 (For an advance and studio time) now you are down $310,000. Note half of that $310,000 goes into reserve for 2-4 years.

And on top of that 20 percent goes the manager.

So the artist really gets $19,333 for going gold. (That’s a raw deal!)

And 2-4 years later if they recouped they get another $63,000. And if you don’t recoup you are in debt and the money will be paid back on the second or third album.

Also major labels “shelf” artists who do not want to put out that garbage we hear on the radio. The only music that is selling on a mainstream level is cookie cutter party/dance records. These songs don’t have positive intention behind the music its just B.S. put out to make some money. And unless your willing to sacrifice your creative ideas to make those songs you probably wont even get signed in the first place.

All in all you do NOT need the major labels. They take advantage of you and force you to put out the kind of music they say so. What you need is you need a support team, this includes a manager, entertainment lawyer, and an agent. Get a nice promo budget and good music and you can live off music with no problem.

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How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper Or Performer

Rule # 1 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is Originality

Every rapper wants to know how to promote him or herself as a rapper. There are a lot of ways to promote yourself as a rapper, but here I’ll tell you the best way to do it. If you want to be a great rapper then there are things that I could tell you that still may “not” apply to you. It’s important that you add your own style to this and not just take this as law for promoting yourself as a rapper. Every rapper has to have their own style and personality. It’s very important that you first strive for originality. I’ve always felt that rap is like an invention, your task for being a rapper is to come up with a new invention. The best thing to do is be yourself.

Rule # 2 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is set a Goal

I can’t tell you how important this rule is. I meet rappers all the time that don’t have a clear cut goal. You must have a specific goal and you must set specific goals frequently. Some rappers have a vague goal like,”I want to be big and sell a lot of records.” That’s not a specific goal. A specific goal sounds like this, “by January 26th 2015, I will sell a million records and be on the Tyra show and shows like 106th and Park.” If you don’t know where you are going you will never get there. If you know where you’re going you’ll be sure to reach it. Even if you miss your deadline, I guarantee you’ll be close. If you set a goal as a rapper! Now set a new goal.

Rule # 3 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is make a plan

This goes with setting a goal, you must have a great plan for what you want, if you don’t or refuse; plan to fail. You will notice when you don’t have a plan, so many things will come forward and distract you. When you do have a plan you can see your path and it’s amazing that you will sense the days of the future.

Rule # 4 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is you need to get the business straight

I’ve been guilty of not completing this rule before because like many of you, you’re so anxious to make the product. Getting in the studio is all you think about. If you can help it get you name trademarked first so you can promote a name that belongs to you. Next if you want to start your own record label then get a business license. Check with your local government to find out the regulations in your state.

Rule # 5 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is build buzz by promoting your brand

This is important that you think of yourself as a brand like Coke or Nike. Your face, your voice, your name is what others identify you by. How you sound as a rapper and who you associate yourself with is all part of your brand. How you sound and look needs to be promoted. I’ve seen rappers all the time promoting themselves strictly by voice alone, but this is a grave mistake. If I was to say to you where can I get a hamburger, most people right away think of the McDonald’s, Burger Kings and Jack N the Box in some cases, it all depends on where you live and who’s been promoting to you. If you want to be known for rap music then you need to stand in the mist of other musicians.

Rule # 6 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer You need to network

It’s crucial that you make the right contacts and maintain a relationship with people that are in the industry you want to be in. You must keep their numbers organized and maintain easy access to these people and their resources if you want to be a rapper. You must remember that this a business, not just a hobby.

Rule # 7 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer you need to make money

You need to organize shows. If you can’t get hired for a gig then hire yourself. What about a radio show on Blog talk Radio, this will get your voice out there. What about helping others in some way. If you help them they can help you. If your promote them they will promote you, because they want to promote themselves.

Rule # 8 How to Promote Yourself As a Rapper or Performer is you must work hard

It’s simple you gotta stay hungry, the minute you say, well I can rest, I don’t need to sell right now. It’s another person that’s hungry for what you say you’re too tired to eat. Michael Jordan, Will Smith all went to the top of their professions because they work harder than anyone else. It’s hard to be an actor and not be overshadowed by Will Smith’s success. You know if you want to be number one you’ll have to beat him. Look at Michael Jordan, he’s retired and his brand still overshadows basketball as if he’s never left.

In order to promote yourself as a rapper you need to be persistent and you will need to make a decision. Am I going to do this as a hobby or do I want to make this a career.

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