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3 Easy Steps To Promote, Advertise Your Mixtape Online!


It seems like every­one has a new mix­tape out nowa­days. Every­where you look the inter­net is flood­ed with peo­ple try­ing to pro­mote and adver­tise their lat­est and great­est mix­tape. How­ev­er, there are actu­al­ly very few “suc­cess­ful” mix­tapes due in part to the lack of prop­er pro­mo­tion and adver­tise­ment. If you are pro­mot­ing a mix­tape, there are 3 very sim­ple steps to follow.


This may seem like a no-brain­er to most peo­ple but you would be sur­prised at the num­ber of mix­tapes lack­ing qual­i­ty music pro­duc­tion and audio engi­neer­ing. If you are shar­ing a song or mix­tape with some­one, it needs to imme­di­ate­ly grab their atten­tion. You have about 10 sec­onds from the time some­one push­es play to make your first impres­sion. When a per­son plays your music, it should imme­di­ate­ly inspire an emo­tion. If your mix­tape could talk it should say “lis­ten up! I have some­thing impor­tant to say!” No mat­ter what the genre, if your music does­n’t grab peo­ple’s atten­tion you will poten­tial­ly miss out on fans. Not only your voice is impor­tant to catch the listener´s atten­tion. The first thing what peo­ple hear of a song is the beat. The beat should be a ear catch­er. When a per­son plays a track of you he should be impressed of the beat and the feel­ing of your song. You can choose free beats for your non-com­mer­cial projects. The most pro­duc­er only offer free beats with voice tags. All my beats on my free beat tapes are with­out voice tags! You also can lease beats online for your com­mer­cial mixtapes/albums. If you plan to sell thou­sands of units, make com­mer­cial musicvideos for your songs and plan tv&radio air­play then you should think about buy exclu­sive rights for your choosed beats.

Care­ful­ly choose the song order of your mix­tape. You want your mix­tape to have a good flow. Take your lis­ten­ers on a jour­ney through sound! It is crit­i­cal that you do this to keep your lis­ten­ers from get­ting bored. If lis­ten­ers get bored, they typ­i­cal­ly for­get about what they were lis­ten­ing to. This means your music will like­ly end up hit­ting the dig­i­tal trash can.


After choos­ing your mix­tape’s song order, choose 1 sin­gle rep­re­sen­ta­tive of you and make it avail­able to the pub­lic as a free down­load. Make sure that this is a song you feel strong­ly about and that you’d be com­fort­able per­form­ing. Make the song avail­able for free via all your social net­works like Face­book, Twit­ter, MySpace, YouTube, Google+, etc. Be sure to upload your music to free mix­tape web­sites such as Dat­piff and, if you are mak­ing your entire mix­tape avail­able for free. Pro­vide links to all your con­tact infor­ma­tion wher­ev­er you can. Be sure to have your digital/electronic press kit avail­able for online view­ing in case some­one wants to hear more of your work.


Here is where the tire meets the road. After com­plet­ing the first two steps you will need to find out who your fans are AND pro­mote to them. To do this you will need to begin build­ing rela­tion­ships with poten­tial fans. please do not spam! This is one of the worst ways to dam­age your name and brand. It will usu­al­ly get you blocked, banned, unfriend­ed, etc.

Free Ways to Pro­mote Your Mix­tape Online:

Blog about your mix­tape and encour­age peo­ple to sub­scribe to your blog

If your mix­tape is free, upload it to the top free mix­tape websites

Ask fans or friends to write a mix­tape review for you to post on a blog or website

Have fans or friends rec­om­mend your mix­tape via their social net­works (e.g. Have some­one tweet: @joeblow My friend @soandso makes some real­ly great music. I think you’d like his mix­tape www dot whereev­ery­ourlinkisat dot com)

Note: This method of pro­mo­tion is WAY bet­ter than you ran­dom­ly hit­ting some­one up say­ing “hey check this out…” Why? because some­one is refer­ring your music and edi­fy­ing you at the same time! That equals a win-win sit­u­a­tion for you!

Cre­ate a mail­ing list for your fans to keep them updat­ed on your lat­est work

Write an arti­cle on Wikipedia about your­self and your mixtape(s)

Cre­ate pro­mo­tion­al videos of your­self with your mix­tape music play­ing in the background

Pre­view your mix­tape live via Ustream and hold a Q&A ses­sion afterward

Cre­ate fan pages on social net­works or on music web­sites such as Reverbnation

Net­work with Djs online and see if they’ll spin your records

Track your inter­net spins, plays, down­loads, etc. and use that in your pro­mo­tion infor­ma­tion (i.e. This is Hot ‑mix­tape down­loaded 3,000 times in 1 hour! Drop your link.)

Offer a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th song for free download

Do pro­mo­tion exchanges via your social net­works (i.e pro­mote some­one else in exchange for pro­mot­ing your mixtape)

The sug­ges­tions list­ed above are just a few of the ways you can begin to increase expo­sure and adver­tise your mix­tape online. Ulti­mate­ly, you will need to begin build­ing strong rela­tion­ships with each of your poten­tial fans in order to gain the sup­port need­ed to have a suc­cess­ful mix­tape release.

Good Luck!

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