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Why Artists Should Buy Beats / Instrumentals with Hooks?



Instru­men­tals with hooks are full of melody and made by hook­ing phras­es with rap beats and spe­cif­ic words. As a bud­ding rap artist, you should try and buy beats that will have a great hook to go with your instru­men­tal. A hook is designed to cap­ture the atten­tion of the lis­ten­er and becomes the nat­ur­al focal point of any song. When rap­pers and pro­duc­ers get togeth­er and buy rap instru­men­tals, they must ask the ques­tion, “What are we going to use as our hook?” Instru­men­tals with hooks give a lis­ten­er a num­ber of rea­sons why that rap instru­men­tal with the hook sound so much bet­ter. A lis­ten­er instant­ly remem­bers a rap instru­men­tal that has a hook. It is eas­i­er for the lis­ten­er to remem­ber what he has heard when lis­ten­ing to your mix­tape.

Rap beats for sale are often cat­e­go­rized into rap beats for sale with hooks and rap beats for sale with­out hooks. You should only attempt per­form­ing a rap instru­men­tal with­out a hook if you are tru­ly high pol­ished pro­fes­sion­al rap artists. Begin­ners and aspir­ing rap artists should always start by look­ing to buy rap instru­men­tals that have a hook. This gives a lis­ten­er the chance to remem­ber your tune and get that per­son to hum or beat box it in his head after he has heard your rap instru­men­tal with a catchy hook. You can buy a beat with hook and rap instru­men­tals with hooks very eas­i­ly. A hook con­sists of a riff, an expres­sion of that artist’s mes­sage and a flow, all of which are used in pop­u­lar rap music today.

The hook in an rap beat is now being used in many dif­fer­ent gen­res of the rap style of music. If you want to buy rap beats for sale it is pos­si­ble to get qual­i­ty rap instru­men­tals with a great hook and stick it on your mix tape. It is now very easy to mix a well craft­ed hook to your style whether it is pop rap like Lil Wayne or gangs­ta rap like Ice T and B.D.P. knock out. So, when you next buy rap instru­men­tals get ones with a great catchy hook and well-versed beat.

Why You Should Buy Instru­men­tals With Hooks That Suit Your Own Style
As any aspir­ing rap artist you should think about which sam­ple to put down as your beat. When you buy hip hop instru­men­tals make sure you use sam­ples from an old song that you know you are going to like. But ulti­mate­ly is has to be one that has the same tem­po as the style you rap in. An exam­ple of this would have to be when Eminem rapped along­side with Dido, he used her voice to rap along with one of her old records. The tem­po was slow and uni­form through­out, and offered very lit­tle change in tem­po. Rap­pers who changed tem­po often give them­selves a far more dif­fi­cult task than artists who use instru­men­tals with hooks of a sim­i­lar tem­po through­out.

If your style is fast and furi­ous, then you’ll need to look at an instru­men­tal beat like Walk This Way by Aero­smith or a Michael Jackson’s Beat It and sam­ple over some­thing like those two hits. Obvi­ous­ly you can­not use those two exam­ples as they have already been done before but what we mean is the aspir­ing rap­pers who used these records had a fast tem­po beat, so there­fore they chose the right song and the right tem­po. This is what you need to ask your­self before you buy instru­men­tals with hooks. There are lots of beats for sale at var­i­ous web­sites but why waste your cash on a beat that just doesn’t suit your style. Are you a G‑Funk rap­per or per­haps pre­fer the elec­tro hip hop style. Every rap­per should have a style and know that when you buy rap instru­men­tals you look at the beats for sale in your genre.

Find beats for sale that emu­late grime, if that is the style you rap in, or girls who like to do hip hop soul styles like Mary J. Blige or freestyle rap like MC Juice puts out, what­ev­er your style buy instru­men­tal beats if you per­form instru­men­tal hip hop (Pete Rock springs to mind).

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